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Acclectic Media Organizer

Acclectic Media Organizer

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About Up Acclectic Media Organizer

Acclectic Media Organizer

Acclectic Media Organizer is a comprehensive and user-friendly plugin for Wordpress that allows users to organize their media library and attachments more effectively. With the virtual file system and hierarchical file structure, Acclectic Media Organizer provides a streamlined approach to managing and accessing media files.


Hierarchical File System: Create folders and subfolders, just like a real file system, to better categorize and organize your media files.

Virtual File System: The plugin creates a virtual file system, ensuring that all existing links to media files will remain the same and continue to work.

Direct Upload to Folder: Upload new items directly to a folder by selecting the desired folder when adding files to the media library.

Detailed Upload Status Tracker: Keep track of the upload progress with a detailed status tracker, especially helpful when uploading multiple files at once.

Rearrange Folders: Easily rearrange your folder structure by dragging and dropping folders within the folder tree.

Drag & Drop Items: Assign attachments and media items to a folder by simply dragging and dropping them onto the desired folder in the folder tree.

Edit Folders Via Context Menu: Rename, create subfolders, or delete a folder with the convenience of a context menu directly in the folder tree.

Resizable Control Panel: The control panel is designed to be comprehensive yet unobtrusive, and it can be easily resized to suit your needs.

Filter Items When Attaching: When attaching files to posts or pages, easily filter and find the desired files by selecting the appropriate folder in the media browser dialog.

Multi-Mode Support: Acclectic Media Organi

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This project was last updated October 20, 2023 byCloodo

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Accordion Blocks Accordion Blocks is a simple plugin that adds a Gutenberg block for adding accordion drop-downs to your WordPress site. With this plugin, you can easily create collapsible content sections that allow users to expand and collapse the content as needed. Accordion Blocks is a user-friendly solution for adding accordion drop-downs to your web pages. The plugin adds a Gutenberg block that can be easily inserted into any page or post. Each accordion item can be customized, allowing you to create unique and engaging content sections. Features Gutenberg Block: Accordion Blocks adds a Gutenberg block that can be used to create accordion drop-downs. Multiple Accordions: You can add multiple accordions to your site, each with individual settings and customization options. Responsive: The accordions created with Accordion Blocks are fully responsive and will adapt to different screen sizes. Item IDs and Direct Links: The plugin supports item IDs and direct links, making it easy to link to specific accordion items. Nesting Accordions: You can nest accordions within each other, creating more complex content sections. Accessibility: Accordion Blocks is designed to be accessible, providing tabbed keyboard navigation for users with disabilities. Optional Features Open by Default: You can choose to have individual accordion items open by default. Disable Auto Closing: By default, accordion items will close when another item is opened. This option allows you to disable this behavior. Manual Closing: Users can close accordion items by clicking the title again. Scroll to Title: When an accordion item is opened, the page can scroll to the title, with the option to set a scroll offset position. Heading Tag: You can choose the HTML heading tag for the title element, allowing you to control the hierarchy and styling. Default Settings: You can set default options to be applied to all new accordion items or reset a specific accordion item to the defaults. Custom Block Styles: Accordion Blocks supports adding custom block styles using the wp.blocks.registerBlockStyle function. Output When you add an accordion item using the Accordion Blocks plugin, the following HTML will be generated: <div class="wp-block-pb-accordion-item c-accordion__item js-accordion-item" data-initially-open="false" data-click-to-close="true" data-auto-close="true" data-scroll="false" data-scroll-offset="0"> <h2 id="at-76840" class="c-accordion__title js-accordion-controller" tabindex="0" role="button" aria-controls="ac-76840" aria-expanded="false"> Title with H2 tag </h2> <div id="ac-76840" class="c-accordion__content" style="display:none" aria-hidden="true"> <p>Content</p> </div> </div> Custom CSS To customize the appearance of the accordion, you can use the following CSS classes: .c-accordion__item {} /* The accordion item container */ .c-accordion__item.is-open {} /* Applied to open accordion items */ .c-accordion__item.is-read {} /* Applied to accordion items that have been opened at least once */ .c-accordion__title {} /* An accordion item title */ .c-accordion__title--button {} /* An accordion item title using a <button> tag */ .c-accordion__title:hover {} /* Styles when hovering over an accordion item title */ .c-accordion__title:focus {} /* Styles when an accordion item title has browser focus */ .c-accordion__content {} /* An accordion item content container */ Overall, Accordion Blocks is a powerful and flexible plugin that empowers you to create engaging and interactive content sections on your WordPress site.

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

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