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Customize Admin

Customize Admin

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About Up Customize Admin

Customize Admin

Customize Admin is a plugin for WordPress that allows users to customize the appearance of the WordPress login page and dashboard. With this plugin, you can upload a custom image for the login screen and specify the link attached to the logo. By default, users are redirected to the homepage of their site.

The Customize Admin plugin also provides additional features such as the ability to disable selected dashboard widgets and remove the WordPress meta generator tag from the head section of your website's HTML code.

If you want to learn more about the plugin and see it in action, you can visit the plugin homepage where you can find detailed information and a screencast video demonstration.

Who Should Use Customize Admin?

Customize Admin is perfect for WordPress users who want to have more control over the appearance of their login page and dashboard. Whether you are a blogger, website owner, or developer, this plugin can help you create a more personalized and branded experience for yourself and your users.

Why Use Customize Admin?

There are several reasons why you may want to use Customize Admin:

  • Customize the appearance of your WordPress login page to match your website's branding.
  • Add a custom logo to the login screen and link it to any page you want.
  • Redirect users to a specific page after they login.
  • Disable selected dashboard widgets that are not relevant to your needs.
  • Remove the WordPress meta generator tag from your website's HTML code for security purposes.

How to Use Customize Admin?

To use Customize Admin, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Customize Admin plugin on your WordPress site.
  2. Go to the plugin settings page under the "Appearance" m
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Project Profile: Google Maps Easy Google Maps Easy is a WordPress plugin that allows users to create and display Google Maps on their websites. With this plugin, users can add markers to their maps with various media elements such as videos, images, links, and text descriptions. The plugin offers multiple options for customization, including the ability to choose from different map styles, import and export maps and markers, and add social share buttons to the map. Google Maps Easy is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including displaying contact information, directions, real estate listings, delivery areas, and more. It provides a user-friendly interface for creating and managing maps, making it easy for anyone, regardless of their technical skills, to add interactive maps to their website. Key Features Create unlimited number of map markers and locations Add media descriptions to map markers (text, images, video, email, phone) Fully responsive design Customizable map and marker options Add maps with shortcode or PHP code Import and export maps and markers Add social share buttons to maps Add alternate routes and route steps Supports exposition and table view of markers Supports horizontal and vertical sliders Front-end editing of maps and markers Grouping of markers and locations using clusterization Draw figures and paths on the map Multiple map style custom themes Who Should Use Google Maps Easy Google Maps Easy is suitable for a wide range of users, including: Website owners who want to display their business location or contact information on a map Real estate agents who want to showcase properties and their locations Delivery services that want to show their delivery areas Tourism websites that want to provide interactive maps of attractions and points of interest Event organizers who want to provide maps of event locations Businesses that want to create custom maps for marketing or informational purposes Why Use Google Maps Easy There are several reasons why Google Maps Easy is a popular choice for adding maps to WordPress websites: Easy to use: The plugin features a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, making it easy for users of all levels of technical skill to create and manage maps. Customization options: Google Maps Easy offers a wide range of customization options, allowing users to personalize their maps to match their website's design and branding. Media support: The plugin allows users to add various media elements to their map markers, including images, videos, links, and text descriptions. This feature can help businesses showcase their products or services visually. Responsive design: The maps created with Google Maps Easy are fully responsive, ensuring that they look great and function properly on any device, including smartphones and tablets. Import and export functionality: The plugin allows users to easily import and export maps and markers, making it convenient to transfer map data between different websites or share maps with other users. Statistics There is no specific statistical information available for Google Maps Easy. However, Google Maps is a widely used service, with billions of monthly active users and millions of websites using Google Maps on their webpages. This popularity is a testament to the effectiveness and usefulness of interactive maps for online businesses. References Google Maps Easy - Official Website Ultimate Maps by Supsystic - Google Maps Alternative Note: The above information is based on the plugin's official description and features. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to the official website and documentation.

This project was last updated October 21, 2023 byCloodo

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Tracking Code Manager is a powerful plugin that allows you to easily manage all your tracking codes and scripts in one place. With Tracking Code Manager, you no longer have to worry about where to place your tracking codes or scripts on your WordPress website. Whether you need to add Google Analytics, Facebook Custom Audiences, Facebook Retargeting, Google Remarketing, Zendesk, a live chat tool, eye tracking analytics, popups, or affiliate tracking pixels, you can easily manage all of them with this plugin. Are you struggling to track conversions on your e-commerce plugin's "dynamic thank you page"? Tracking Code Manager is here to help. It automatically detects your e-commerce plugin, whether it's WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, or WP eCommerce, and allows you to add conversion pixels every time someone completes a sale on your store. You can even track individual products. One of the biggest problems with putting tracking codes directly in your theme files is the risk of losing important trackings or external service integrations when you update your theme. However, with Tracking Code Manager, you can forget about this problem, even if you decide to change your theme in the future. The Real Problem We are currently in the era of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where online services manage various types of software, analysis tools, and advanced technologies. As the usage of these services increases, so does the number of scripts and tracking codes that need to be implemented. The Tracking Code Manager plugin aims to simplify this process by providing a fast and easy solution to manage all tracking codes in one place. Main Features: Manage all tracking codes and scripts in one place No restrictions on where you can place your code Easily add and remove tracking codes Specify whether to display codes on the entire site or specific pages/posts Automatic detection of e-commerce plugins and ability to track conversions Compatible with popular e-commerce plugins like WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and WP eCommerce Ability to track individual products No risk of losing trackings or external service integrations when updating your theme Premium Version If you require more advanced features, you can try the premium version of Tracking Code Manager. Visit the official website at http://intellywp.com/tracking-code-manager/ to see the plugin in action and purchase the premium version with full support. About Data443 Tracking Code Manager is a plugin developed by Data443, a Data Security and Privacy Compliance company. Data443 is publicly traded under the symbol ATDS and provides leading GDPR compliance products such as WordPress GDPR Framework and Data Identification Manager. In addition, they specialize in Blockchain privacy and enterprise cloud eDiscovery tools.

This project was last updated October 21, 2023 byCloodo

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Open in New Window Plugin The Open in New Window Plugin is a WordPress plugin that uses JavaScript to target external links to a new browser window, while keeping your blog page open. This plugin offers a more comprehensive solution compared to other plugins that filter pages and rewrite the links. By using JavaScript, this plugin can target a wider range of links, including those generated in scripts or pasted into posts and comments. However, please note that due to the limitations of JavaScript, the plugin may not be able to target links within iframes, such as Adsense and some other affiliate links. Support This plugin is completely free, and the developer does not expect anything in return. However, if you would like to show your support for the programming efforts, you can consider buying the developer's book: Error Message Eyes: A Programmer’s Guide to the Digital Soul Category This project falls under the following categories: WordPress Plugin App Security Free Web PHP

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

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The ACF OpenStreetMap Field is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate OpenStreetMap into your WordPress website using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). With this plugin, you can add interactive maps to your website without the hassle of coding. Usage In the Fieldgroup editor: The ACF OpenStreetMap Field offers three different return formats: Raw data: This returns an array holding the field configuration. Leaflet JS: This returns a fully functional Leaflet map. To display the map on your theme, simply include <?php the_field('my_field_name'); ?> in your theme file. You can choose from a variety of map styles and the plugin also supports multiple markers. iFrame (OpenStreetMap.org): This returns an HTML iFrame tag that embeds the map from OpenStreetMap.org. However, only four map styles are supported, and you can only add a maximum of one marker. In the Fieldgroup editor, you can customize the appearance of the map, set the initial map position and style, allow layer selection, and define the map's height. You can also specify the maximum number of markers to be displayed. If the return format is set to iFrame, only one marker can be added. Development The source code for the ACF OpenStreetMap Field plugin can be found on Github. Developers can contribute to the project and make customizations as needed. Credits The ACF OpenStreetMap Field plugin credits the following contributors: Eliott Condon's ACF The OpenStreetMap project The Leaflet Project The maintainers and contributors of Leaflet providers The contributors of Leaflet Control Geocoder Dominik Moritz for Leaflet locate control Various individuals and organizations who provide free Map related services

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

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