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HD Quiz

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About Up HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a WordPress plugin that allows users to easily create and customize quizzes for their website. Whether you need to create professional-based questionnaires or fun Buzzfeed-style quizzes, HD Quiz provides a wide range of features to suit your needs.

The plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of quizzes and embed them onto any page or post on your website. With a responsive design, the quizzes are mobile-friendly and touch-friendly, ensuring a smooth user experience on all devices.

HD Quiz offers a variety of question types, including multiple choice, user input, and the new "Select All That Apply" option. Each question can have its own featured image and tooltip, allowing you to add visual elements to enhance the quiz experience.


  • Create an unlimited number of quizzes
  • Customize each quiz with individual options
  • Responsive and touch-friendly design
  • Add featured images and tooltips to each question
  • Share quizzes on social media platforms
  • Use animated GIFs as question featured images or answer options
  • Set a time limit for completing quizzes
  • Paginate quizzes for easier navigation
  • Add translations for international audiences
  • Include links or images in quiz results
  • Add additional information for each question
  • Choose questions from a pool

Individual Quiz Options

HD Quiz also provides a range of options for each quiz, allowing you to customize the results position, enable result sharing, and highlight correct and wrong answers. You can set a pass percentage and personalized pass/fail text, as well as configure a quiz timer and pagination.

Use Cases

HD Quiz is suitable for a wide range of users, including:

  • Website owners who want to engage their audience with interactive quizzes
  • Bloggers who want to create fun and enter
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ShortPixel Adaptive Images

ShortPixel Adaptive Images is a plugin designed to solve all your website's image-related problems quickly and easily. Whether your website is built on WordPress or not, if you have images on your site, this plugin is likely to be beneficial for you. Have you ever tested your website using tools like PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix and received complaints about improperly sized images or large file sizes? Or maybe you've been told that you should be using "next-gen" image formats like WebP or AVIF? ShortPixel Adaptive Images can help address these issues and more. With this plugin, you can display properly sized, smartly cropped, and optimized images on your website. The plugin processes the images on the fly and serves them from a Content Delivery Network (CDN). If a visitor's browser supports it, the images can be served in the next-gen WebP and AVIF formats. The benefits of using ShortPixel Adaptive Images are numerous. With just one click, you can replace all the images on your website with properly sized, optimized versions. This not only improves your website's performance but also offloads the images to ShortPixel's global CDN. Additionally, the plugin automatically serves WebP and AVIF images to browsers that support these formats, giving your website a boost in terms of search engine optimization and page loading speed. Some key features of ShortPixel Adaptive Images include: - Same visual quality but smaller images thanks to ShortPixel's algorithms - Smart cropping for better image composition - Serving only appropriately sized images based on the visitor's viewport - Lazy load support with adjustable thresholds - Automatic conversion and serving of WebP and AVIF images - Caching and serving from a global CDN - Support for all major image galleries, sliders, and page builders - Onboarding wizard to help you get started and suggest the best settings for your site ShortPixel Adaptive Images supports a variety of image formats, including JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP. It also allows you to convert images to WebP and AVIF on the fly. Additionally, the plugin offers various settings for increased flexibility and customization. One of the great things about ShortPixel Adaptive Images is that you don't need an account to test the plugin. Simply install and activate it on your WordPress website, and you'll receive 500 image optimization credits, which is equivalent to 2.5GB of CDN traffic or approximately 2500 visits. As for the cost, when using ShortPixel Adaptive Images, you only pay for the CDN traffic generated by your optimized images. The pricing details can be found on the ShortPixel website. In conclusion, ShortPixel Adaptive Images is a powerful plugin that can help you resolve all your image-related issues on your website. Whether you're looking to improve page loading speed, optimize image sizes, or serve next-gen image formats, this plugin has you covered. Give it a try and see the difference it can make for your website.

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What is ChatBot for WordPress - WPBot? ChatBot for WordPress - WPBot is a native WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add a chatbot to your website. This chatbot can interact with website users, display pre-defined text responses, show FAQs, and even collect user information like emails and phone numbers. It can work in both natural language processing mode and menu-driven mode, or a combination of both. WPBot is a versatile chatbot solution that can be used by anyone, regardless of their technical knowledge. One of the key features of WPBot is its integration with Google's Dialogflow. By integrating with Dialogflow, WPBot gains AI and natural language processing capabilities. This means that the chatbot can understand and respond to user queries more intelligently. WPBot also supports Dialogflow intents and text responses automatically, making it easy to leverage the power of Dialogflow without complex integrations. WPBot offers a range of customization options, allowing you to customize the chatbot's appearance, behavior, and responses. You can also add your own floating chatbot icon, upload custom icons, and choose from different design templates. Additionally, WPBot offers advanced features such as onsite retargeting, integration with third-party live chat systems, and the ability to collect email addresses from users. Whether you need a simple contact bot, a FAQ bot, or a more advanced conversational bot, WPBot is a powerful and user-friendly solution for adding a chatbot to your WordPress website. Key Features: Easy to use, native WordPress ChatBot plugin Plug n' play installation Natural language processing mode or menu-driven mode Integration with Google's Dialogflow for AI and NLP Customizable appearance and behavior Onsite retargeting and remarketing Support for multiple languages Integration with third-party live chat systems Ability to collect email addresses WPBot also offers a pro version with additional features such as custom intents and rich responses, live chat support, conversational forms, and lead capture forms. The pro version also includes extended search capabilities, white label customization, and integration with mailing list services. Whether you're looking to improve user engagement, generate leads, or provide better customer support, WPBot is a versatile and powerful chatbot plugin for WordPress. How to use ChatBot for WordPress - WPBot To use WPBot, simply install and activate the plugin. The chatbot will then be displayed on your website automatically. You can adjust the settings and customize the chatbot's behavior from the WPBot menu in the WordPress backend. You can also change the bot's responses and language settings from the Language Center area. If you have any questions, need support, or would like to request new features for WPBot, you can leave a comment in the support forum. Note: Some features and functionality may only be available in the pro version of WPBot. Upgrade to the pro version for access to advanced features.

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Gallery & Portfolio Plugin For WordPress ★★★★★ Portfolio websites are the most popular nowadays. We created Visual Portfolio, Photo Gallery & Posts Grid WordPress plugin, to help every creative, agency, or photographers get access to the powerful tools they need to showcase their beautiful works and attract more love from their potential and existing customers. See Live Demo | Documentation | GitHub Create beautiful, clean, and powerful photo galleries and portfolio layouts using the Visual Portfolio gallery plugin. It is easy for simple photo galleries, but powerful enough for professionals. Whether you’re a photographer, agency, or anything in between, Visual Portfolio will boost your online presence. 🏆 Visual Gallery Builder Build your portfolio and gallery blocks with no coding knowledge. Thanks to Gutenberg page builder you are able to create and customize galleries visually. Convenient visual block editor with support to various layouts such as Masonry, Justified, Tiles, Grid, and Carousel. A well thought out design, powerful features, and years of development by the nK team make Visual Portfolio a game-changing Portfolio and Gallery plugin that will level the WordPress showcases playing field in your favor to help increase visitors engagement. 🚀 Optimized to be Fast as Native Despite the rich functionality, the Visual Portfolio is optimized as much as possible, to be fast and lightweight. Due to the modular code structure, all scripts and styles are loaded only when they are needed for the current page that displays your gallery. So, you won't have any performance decrease when you using Visual Portfolio. You will get a fast, SEO-friendly website, with easy navigation and beautiful and interactive galleries to showcase your work. Visual Portfolio is built with a fully responsive layout for mobile devices and retina screens support. 🗜 Key Features Easy to use - no coding knowledge required Visual gallery builder with a wide range of layouts Responsive design for mobile devices Retina screens support Fast and lightweight SEO-friendly Customizable and flexible Integrated with Gutenberg page builder Supports various gallery types: Masonry, Justified, Tiles, Grid, and Carousel Powerful and professional Unlimited galleries and portfolio layouts With Visual Portfolio, you have the freedom to create stunning portfolio websites or photo galleries to showcase your work and attract potential clients. It is the ideal plugin for photographers, designers, agencies, and any creative individuals who want to present their work in a visually appealing and professional manner. To see the plugin in action, you can check out the Live Demo. For more information on how to get started and use Visual Portfolio, you can refer to the Documentation or visit the plugin's GitHub page.

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KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot

KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot is an advanced Knowledge Base plugin that provides a floating chatbot helpdesk, glossary, and knowledgebase features all in one. This plugin supports standard category-wise knowledgebase articles and can be displayed as an alphabetical glossary. It also includes an AI-powered WordPress ChatBot called WPBot, which can search your knowledgebase articles. Get the KnowledgeBase X Pro for the Most Complete Support System for WordPress, including the KnowledgeBase, AI Powered ChatBot, Live Chat, and Support Ticket systems ALL in One. Support, Bug Report, Feature Requests | KnowledgeBase X Pro version Live Demo | Upgrade to KnowledgeBase X Pro with ChatBot Now! You can easily add the Knowledgebase to any of your pages using a simple shortcode. It will generate a beautiful and responsive layout of knowledgebase categories with a powerful search box. The Knowledgebase Helpdesk lite plugin comes with an AI Chatbot and an interface that acts as a one-stop helpdesk for your website users. The search is powered by AJAX, providing more relevant results in impressive speed. You can also create an additional Glossary page using your knowledgebase articles. This will create an A to Z alphabetical listing of all your articles. Please note that the glossary feature only works with the English language and A-Z. You can use the KBx ChatBot as a plug n' play ChatBot without any technical knowledge. Simply install it, and the ChatBot can chat with website users, display text responses created from the WordPress backend, show a small set of FAQs, allow users to email you for support, or leave their phone numbers. It functions as a floating HelpDesk or a Conversational Float. Features Advanced Knowledge Base plugin Floating chatbot helpdesk Glossary and knowledgebase features Support for standard category-wise knowledgebase articles Option to display articles as an alphabetical glossary Includes AI-powered WordPress ChatBot (WPBot) Powerful search functionality powered by AJAX Responsive and beautiful layout Option to create an additional Glossary page Plug n' play ChatBot Who Should Use The KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot plugin is ideal for individuals and organizations who want to provide a comprehensive support system and knowledgebase for their WordPress websites. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes, including e-commerce stores, service providers, and online communities. It is also suitable for WordPress website owners who want to enhance their customer support and improve user experience by integrating a chatbot helpdesk. Why Use Using the KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot plugin offers the following benefits: Efficient and effective customer support: With the chatbot helpdesk feature, users can easily find the information they need and receive immediate assistance. Improved user experience: The floating helpdesk and chatbot provide a user-friendly interface, making it easier for users to navigate the knowledgebase and find relevant articles. Time-saving knowledgebase: The plugin allows you to create a comprehensive knowledgebase with articles organized into categories and an alphabetical glossary. AI-powered search: The AI-powered ChatBot can search the knowledgebase articles and provide relevant results quickly. Responsive and attractive design: The knowledgebase layout and chatbot interface are responsive and visually appealing, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your website. Installation To install the KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot plugin, follow these steps: Log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to the "Plugins" section and click on "Add New". Search for "KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot". Click on "Install Now" next to the plugin name. Once installed, click on "Activate" to activate the plugin. Configure the plugin settings according to your preferences. Add the knowledgebase to your desired pages using the provided shortcode. Statistics Unfortunately, there is no available statistic data about the KnowledgeBase HelpDesk ChatBot plugin at the moment. However, you can refer to user reviews and ratings on the WordPress plugin repository to get an idea of its popularity and user satisfaction. References WordPress ChatBot Plugin KnowledgeBase X Pro Support, Bug Report, Feature Requests KnowledgeBase X Pro version Live Demo

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