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About Up kDicts

kDicts is a simple app for anyone who loves to study foreign languages with a little bit of technology, or simply for anyone who needs to remember a few words.

kDicts is written in Python and runs under Kivy framework.
You can clone the repository to your /sdcard/kivy/kDicts or install it from APK. Before every update backup your app data! Like the app on facebook too: https://www.facebook.com/kDicts
  • Simple dark interface for comfortable use
  • Word class highlighting
  • Manual editing(swipe right to left)
  • Bubble-like buttons
  • Color styles
  • Backup&Restore support for your dictionary
  • Quick notes
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jWords is a port of WORDS (by William Whitaker, a free latin-to-english dictionary program written in Ada), to Java. Besides the dictionary will be translated to the German language.

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This is a Sanskrit-English dictionary for verbal roots and final forms. Sources for the dictionary I. Dhātu-saṅgraha of Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī. II. Śrī Hari-nāmāmṛta-vyākaraṇa of Śrīla Jīva Gosvāmī with Saṁśodhini-ṭīka of Matsya-avatara dāsa. III. Bṛhad-dhātu-kusumakaraḥ. Saṅgrahakāraḥ sampādakaśca. Paṁ. Harekānta Miśraḥ. Sāhityācāryaḥ, Vyākaraṇaśāstrī. IV. Dhātu-ratnākara of Muni Śrī Lāvaṇya Vijaya Sūri. V. Rūpa-candrikā. Edited by Dr. Brahmānanda Tripāṭhī. Published by Caukhambā Surabhāratī Prakāśana, Vārāṇasī.

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KaiZen has two modes: - Kanji to meaning. The meaning of the kanji is selected from a list of buttons. - Meaning to kanji. The kanji is selected from a 3x3 button grid. After memorizing a set of kanji, go to Settings and increase the database range.

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Diaspana copies Spanish diacritic letters to the clipboard. copy Spanish diacritic letters and symbols to the clipboardboth small and big letterscross-platform

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