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About Up Maintenance

The Maintenance plugin is a useful tool for WordPress site administrators to manage website maintenance. It allows the administrator to close the website temporarily for maintenance, display a "503 Service temporarily unavailable" message, and set up a temporary page with authorization. This temporary page can be easily customized through the plugin settings, allowing the administrator to add their own logo, background image, select colors, and add text.

If you are looking for a wide variety of pre-made themes to build coming soon and landing pages faster, you may want to consider checking out our Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

In addition to the Maintenance plugin, we also offer the Security Ninja plugin, which specializes in site security. With Security Ninja, you can easily run over 50 security tests with just one click, receive a detailed report, and automatically fix security issues.


  • Retina ready HTML/CSS layout
  • Full-screen background using Backstretch
  • Blur background effect
  • Upload your own logo
  • Configurable colors for fonts, icons, and background
  • Customizable title, headline, and text
  • User login on frontend
  • Admin bar status
  • Option to enable or disable the 503 error message
  • Google Analytics support
  • Ability to exclude selected pages from Maintenance mode
  • Support for all popular caching plugins
  • mtnc_load_maintenance_page_for_this_user filter for modifying who sees the maintenance page


If you encounter any problems, have questions, or would like to provide recommendations about the WP Maintenance plugin, please feel free to open a ticket in the official support fo

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