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Welcart e-Commerce

Welcart e-Commerce

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About Up Welcart e-Commerce

Welcart e-Commerce is a free e-commerce plugin for WordPress that has a top market share in Japan. It offers a range of features and customizations for creating an online store easily. With Welcart, users can sell various types of products, including physical goods, digital products, and subscriptions. There is no limit to the number of products, item photos, and categories that can be added to the store.

One of the key features of Welcart is its versatile shopping cart system. Users can manage items using SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) codes and have options for pricing and shipping. The plugin supports up to 16 different payment options, including Sony Payment, Paypal, and Softbank Payment. This wide range of payment options allows users to cater to various customer preferences. More information about the supported payment services can be found on Welcart's official website.

Welcart also provides free standard templates and themes for designing the online store. Users can customize the design and layout according to their preferences. All themes are compliant with WordPress standards, ensuring a seamless integration with the WordPress platform. Additionally, Welcart offers a free responsive design theme called Welcart Basic.

The managing system of Welcart is designed to simplify order and member management. Order data is automatically stored and updated in the database, and users can easily view and update orders from the order list page. The search functionality allows users to narrow down search results based on various criteria such as customer information, price, date, and item type. The order edit page provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing orders, including editing order details, confirming purchases, and sending confirmation emails.

Welcart also features a built-in membership system, eliminating the need for additional plugins. The member list page allows users to search for member data

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WP-Sweep is a plugin for WordPress that helps clean up various elements of your website to improve performance and efficiency. This plugin offers several cleaning functions, including: Removing revisions of posts Deleting auto drafts Clearing deleted and unapproved comments Getting rid of orphaned post, comment, user, and term metadata Removing unused terms and duplicate metadata Optimizing database tables Clearing oEmbed caches in post metadata The plugin uses proper WordPress delete functions instead of running direct MySQL queries, ensuring safer and more reliable cleanup processes. WP-Sweep also offers additional functionalities through WP REST API endpoints and WP-CLI commands, allowing users more flexibility in managing and performing cleanup tasks on their WordPress sites. WP-Sweep is designed to be compatible with various themes and plugins, although it may not work seamlessly with certain ones such as Asgaros Forum, Custom Fonts, Elementor Popup Builder, MailPress, Meta Slider, Polylang, Slider Revolution, Viba Portfolio, and WPML. However, for most WordPress websites, WP-Sweep can be a helpful tool for maintaining and optimizing the database and overall performance of the site. Build Status WP-Sweep project doesn't have a direct link for build status. However, general contributions and bug fixes to the project can be found on its Travis CI repository and Code Climate repository. Development WP-Sweep is an open-source plugin, and its development can be found on GitHub: https://github.com/lesterchan/wp-sweep Credits The plugin icon used in WP-Sweep is credited to Freepik from Flaticon. Donations The creator of WP-Sweep, Lester Chan, dedicates significant time and effort to developing, updating, and supporting the plugin. If you appreciate the use of WP-Sweep and would like to show support, consider making a donation to Lester Chan. Donations are entirely optional and not required for using the plugin.

This project was last updated October 21, 2023 byCloodo

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Project Profile: Restricted Site Access The Restricted Site Access project is a free WordPress plugin that allows website owners to limit access to their site to only logged-in users or visitors from specified IP addresses. This plugin is particularly useful for websites that require a higher level of security or have confidential information that should only be accessible to a select group of individuals. With Restricted Site Access, website owners can customize the behavior of the restriction, such as sending restricted visitors to the login page, redirecting them to another website, displaying a message or page, and more. This plugin offers a range of configuration options to meet the specific needs of each website. One of the key features of Restricted Site Access is the ability to create an unrestricted list of IP addresses. Website owners can add individual IP addresses or even define IP address ranges that are exempt from the site restriction. This feature is particularly useful for allowing access to certain authorized users or networks. In addition to configuring site restrictions, this plugin also allows users to define a redirect location for restricted visitors. Website owners can choose to redirect visitors to a specific page or send them to the same requested path. This feature can be useful for maintaining a consistent user experience or for SEO purposes by setting the appropriate HTTP status code. Furthermore, Restricted Site Access offers options to display a custom message to restricted visitors or select a specific page to show them. This can be beneficial for websites that are under development or are not yet ready for public access, as it allows website owners to provide a teaser or Coming Soon page. Overall, Restricted Site Access is a powerful WordPress plugin that provides site owners with enhanced control over site access. Whether it's for extranet sites, publicly hosted intranets, or parallel development/staging sites, this plugin offers the flexibility and security needed to protect sensitive information and create a seamless user experience. Statistics As of [insert current date], Restricted Site Access has achieved the following milestones: Number of downloads: [insert number] Number of active installations: [insert number] User ratings: [insert average rating out of 5] Compatible with WordPress version: [insert version] References For more information about Restricted Site Access, please refer to the following resources: Official Plugin Page: [insert URL] Documentation: [insert URL] Support Forum: [insert URL] GitHub Repository: [insert URL]

This project was last updated October 21, 2023 byCloodo

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The Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller is a WordPress plugin that displays announcements with a highlighter scroller. This plugin gradually reveals each message into view from the bottom to the top. For a live demo of the plugin, you can visit the official website here. Key Features: Simple and easy to use Allows for easy style override Messages can be added, edited, or deleted at any time Option to enable or disable announcements without deleting them There are two ways to configure the plugin: Drag and drop the widget: Go to the widget page under the Appearance tab, drag and drop the Announcement Ticker Highlighter Scroller widget into your sidebar. Add directly to the theme: Use the provided PHP code to add the gallery into your theme files. Translators The plugin has been translated into multiple languages by the following individuals: Ukranian (uk_UA) - Michael Yunat Tamil (ta) - Gopi Ramasamy Polish (pl_PL) - Abdul Sattar

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

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The Never Moderate Registered Users plugin is a WordPress plugin that prevents comments from registered users from ever going into the moderation queue or getting automatically marked as spam, regardless of the apparent spamminess of the comment. It is designed for websites that trust their registered users and do not want their comments to be moderated. To be recognized as a registered user, the user must be logged into the website at the time they post their comment. This plugin is especially useful for websites that have a closed user registration process and want to give their registered users the privilege of bypassing moderation. However, it is recommended that you do not allow users to register themselves to prevent potential spam comments. The plugin allows you to specify the roles and capabilities that can bypass moderation through a filter called 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps'. This gives you the flexibility to grant moderation bypass to specific user roles or capabilities. The plugin is a partial successor to the Never Moderate Admins or Post Author plugin, which allowed admins and post authors to bypass comment moderation. The main thrust of that plugin became moot after WordPress integrated the functionality, but the need to never moderate registered users remained, leading to the development of this plugin. For more information about the plugin or to download it, you can visit the plugin homepage or the WordPress plugin directory page. The source code for the plugin can also be found on GitHub. The plugin is developed by Scott Reilly. Hooks The Never Moderate Registered Users plugin provides two filters for further customization: c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps (filter) The 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps' filter allows you to define the capabilities that are automatically trusted. A registered user must have at least one of these capabilities to bypass moderation checks. The default behavior is to trust all registered users. Example usage: /** * Require 'contributor' capabilities to bypass moderation checks for registered users. * * @param array $caps Array of trusted capabilities. If blank, any registered user is trusted. * @return array */ function dont_moderate_contributors( $caps ) { $caps[] = 'contributor'; return $caps; } add_filter( 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_caps', 'dont_moderate_contributors' ); c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved (filter) The 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved' filter allows for granular control over whether a comment by a registered user that would otherwise be moderated or marked as spam should automatically be approved. This filter is triggered when a comment is from a registered user and is flagged for moderation or spam. Example usage: /** * Always moderate comments by registered users if they mention "Google". * * @param int|string $approved Approval status. Will be one of 1, 0, or 'spam'. * @param array $commentdata Comment data. * @param WP_User $user The commenting user. * @return int|string|WP_Error Can a registered user's comment bypass moderation? Either 1, 0, 'spam', 'trash', or WP_Error. */ function c2c_even_registered_users_cannot_say_google( $approved, $commentdata, $user ) { if ( $approved && false !== stripos( $commentdata['comment_content'], 'google' ) ) { $approved = 0; } return $approved; } add_filter( 'c2c_never_moderate_registered_users_approved', 'c2c_even_registered_users_cannot_say_google', 10, 3 );

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

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