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About Up Dev-Lua

: Dev-Lua is an open-source project that aims to provide a platform for developers to write Lua scripts more efficiently and effectively. It offers a range of tools and features to boost productivity and streamline the development process. From syntax highlighting to code formatting and debugging support, Dev-Lua caters to the needs of both beginners and experienced Lua developers.

Category: Free, Lua, Technology

Who Should Use: Dev-Lua is ideal for Lua developers looking for a lightweight and user-friendly integrated development environment (IDE) to work on Lua scripts. Whether you are working on game development, web development, or any other project that involves Lua scripting, Dev-Lua can provide you with the necessary tools to write, edit, and debug your code efficiently.

Why: Using Dev-Lua can help developers write Lua scripts with ease and precision. Its features such as syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and code navigation can significantly enhance the coding experience and ensure better code quality. By utilizing Dev-Lua, developers can save time and effort in managing Lua projects and focus more on writing high-quality code.

How: To start using Dev-Lua, simply download the IDE from the official website or repository. Install it on your machine and start creating or importing Lua scripts. Explore the various features and tools offered by Dev-Lua to maximize your productivity and effectiveness in Lua development.

What: Dev-Lua provides a comprehensive environment for Lua development, including features like syntax highlighting, code completion, code formatting, code navigation, debugging support, and more. Developers can customize the settings, themes, and plugins according to their preferences, making Dev-Lu

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WPFront Scroll Top

WPFront Scroll Top is a plugin for Wordpress that allows visitors to easily scroll back to the top of a web page. With fully customizable options and images, this plugin offers a convenient and user-friendly way to navigate through long pages. Features Displays a button when the user scrolls down the page. Scrolls the page back to the top with smooth animation. Allows linking to specific elements within the page. Supports linking to different pages using URLs. Provides options to create text, image, or Font Awesome buttons for scrolling. Allows customization of the scroll button image. Option to hide the scroll button on small devices. Option to hide the scroll button in iframes. Ability to filter the use of the scroll button on specific pages or posts. Auto hide feature to automatically hide the scroll button when not in use. Support for asynchronous JavaScript. For detailed descriptions of each option and how to configure them, please visit the WPFront Scroll Top Settings page. Watch the video below to see the WPFront Scroll Top plugin in action: Overall, WPFront Scroll Top is a useful plugin for Wordpress websites that enhances user experience by providing a convenient scrolling feature. It is easy to customize and offers various options to suit different needs.

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The ESV CrossRef is a free resource created to make it easy to feature the text of the ESV Bible on your blog, personal website, or church website. It is designed for easy installation on virtually any blog or website, allowing users to scan each page for Bible references and automatically turning them into hoverable links. When visitors move their cursors over the reference, a pop-up box will appear displaying the full ESV Bible text to which the reference refers. The ESV CrossRef is intelligent enough to identify multiple variations of Bible references, including full references (e.g., John 3:16), abbreviated references (e.g., Jn 3:16), multiple sequential verses (e.g., Ephesians 1:3-14), and multiple non-sequential verses (e.g., Psalm 118:1, 5, 8). In addition to making it easy for readers to read the full text of every passage mentioned on the page, the pop-up box also features quick sharing buttons and the ability to listen to an audio version of the passage, all without leaving your blog or website. This resource is particularly useful for bloggers, website owners, and churches who want to incorporate Bible references in their content and provide their readers with easy access to the full text of those references. The ESV CrossRef Tool eliminates the need for users to manually create hyperlinks or direct their readers to external Bible websites. It enhances the user experience by allowing visitors to conveniently access the relevant Bible text directly on the page while staying within the website. To take advantage of this free resource and enhance your website with easy-to-use Bible references, visit the ESV CrossReference Tool page.

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The Add to Order plugin is a powerful tool for WooCommerce users who want to enhance the functionality of their online stores. This plugin transforms the traditional "add to cart" button into a "submit order" button, allowing customers to directly submit an order for a product without going through the cart process. With this plugin, users have the flexibility to streamline the purchasing process and optimize conversions. One of the key features of the Add to Order plugin is its compatibility with WooCommerce, the leading eCommerce platform for WordPress. By integrating seamlessly with WooCommerce, this plugin ensures that all orders submitted through the "add to order" button are properly processed and managed within the existing WooCommerce framework. Additionally, the Add to Order plugin has been translated to Persian, making it accessible to a wider audience. This translation enables Persian-speaking users to fully utilize the features of the plugin and customize their online stores according to their preferences and language requirements. The plugin also offers a dedicated settings page within the WooCommerce dashboard. This page allows users to change the default order status, providing greater control and customization options. Users can easily navigate to the settings page under the "Settings" menu, making it convenient to modify order settings as needed. For developers and advanced users, the Add to Order plugin provides an open-source option. The plugin's GitHub page offers the opportunity for collaboration and contribution to the project. Users can access the GitHub page to explore the source code, report issues, suggest enhancements, and even contribute to the development of the plugin. The Add to Order plugin is a valuable addition to any WooCommerce-based online store, providing a seamless and efficient way for customers to submit orders directly for products. With its compatibility, translation, and customizable settings, this plugin offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing the ordering process and enhancing the overall shopping experience for users. Statistics Unfortunately, specific statistics about the usage and popularity of the Add to Order plugin are not readily available. However, it is worth noting that WooCommerce, the eCommerce platform with which the plugin integrates, powers over 3 million websites worldwide. This widespread adoption of WooCommerce indicates a significant potential user base for the Add to Order plugin. Additionally, the plugin's presence on GitHub allows for community-driven development and support. Users can refer to the GitHub page to gauge the level of activity, contributions, and feedback involving the plugin. This collaborative environment ensures continuous improvement and enhances the plugin's reliability and functionality. It is important to keep in mind that the popularity and usage of a specific WordPress plugin can vary depending on individual needs, preferences, and the target audience of each online store. However, the universal appeal of streamlining the ordering process and optimizing conversions makes the Add to Order plugin a valuable tool for WooCommerce users.

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