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About Up Dimaagi_Keeda

A FullScreen Computer game in which numbers are added, similar to 2048(in terms of addition of 2 numbers).

Total of 3x3x2x2 levels.

3 types of Background Themes.
  • FullScreen Computer Game.
  • 3x3x2x2 Levels i.e it can be played in 36 ways!!!!
  • Fantastic Themes.
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A multi-agent architecture for building interactive dramas. It uses the Jason's BDI engine, being the Jason's agent-oriented programming language utilized for performing the drama management and for authoring behaviors for the characters. Implementation of the infrastructure for communication and the control of the agents creation, running, and destruction. Customizable framework, compounded of classes and interfaces that have a terminology related to drama (i.e. including terms like "StoryCharacter","StorySetting", etc.). Support for the creation of different stories via the utilization of ontologies that are also used to feed the system with story-related information. A default interface focusing on the research of interactive dramas: visualization of beat markers (to delimit the beats), of the analysis of the player's input, and of the state of the agents and environment; a new tab for each restart of the story; support for showing text and emoticons; generation of HTML for the output.Facilities for playing mp3 sounds. Extensive documentation (including Javadoc). A story implementation called Mary and Bob, that uses some interactivity mechanisms such as a simple Natural Language Processing.

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DiaT stands for: Diat is a Textadventure - but its even more, Its an emulator for playing and creating Textadventures like back in the 80s. Its written in Java. It's a program that reads data from a human-readable xml file to create a text-based game, allowing people unfamiliar with programming to craft their own customized text adventures. Sounds and graphics can also be added. QuickSave/LoadLoad Game from XMLFileShow GFX for Rooms and ItemsShortcuts: I (items), r (redo), ...HealthDisplay CutscenesDynamic fight systemPuzzlesAbout 100 word vocabularyDifficulty levelsDebuff: "Bleeding"Move West, East, North, South, Up, DownPlay Sound for Rooms, Items and Events

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Digital Spork Game Engine

Alpha: - Still in heavy development, but should be stable enough for use in small projects. - Features include OpenGL ES based scene graph system, sound (static and streaming), input handlers, scheduler, async job queues, and much more. - Supported platforms include iOS, Android, OSX, Linux, Windows, HTML5 (Emscripten).

This project was last updated September 23, 2022 byCloodo

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A complete engine and toolkit to create simple 2D games, harnessing the power of XNA. To work on Zune, Xbox and PC, every single tool that is needed is provided.

This project was last updated September 23, 2022 byCloodo

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