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PeerBoard Forum and Community

PeerBoard Forum and Community

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About Up PeerBoard Forum and Community

**Project profile: PeerBoard Forum and Community** PeerBoard Forum and Community is a powerful modern community platform that enables embedded and fully white-labeled communities. With PeerBoard, both individuals and companies can build the community that their audience deserves. PeerBoard's WordPress plugin was designed to help creators, companies, or organizations build a successful branded community. The plugin allows any WordPress user to embed a fully functional online community platform with just a few clicks. This means that even users with no coding or technical knowledge can easily integrate a community forum into their WordPress website. Why should you use PeerBoard? Here are some of the benefits: 1. **Connect With Your Customers**: By having a forum on your WordPress website, you can stand out from the competition by talking, helping, and building personal and lasting relationships with your customers. 2. **Retain Your Members Long-Term**: PeerBoard allows you to foster valuable networks and strong connections between your members. This helps in keeping them engaged and coming back to your community regularly. 3. **Generate Leads and Improve SEO with User Generated Content**: A forum provides a platform for your users to share their own posts and engage in discussions. User-generated content not only adds value to your community, but it also attracts search engine traffic. PeerBoard's online community solution can draw prospects to your community from search engines, leading to increased dwell time and potentially improving your website ranking on Google. 4. **Get Feedback**: By creating a dedicated space for your customers to ask questions, share ideas, and provide feedback, you can gain valuable insights about your products or services. This helps in improving your offerings and building a loyal customer base. PeerBoard's WordPress plugin makes it easy to set up and customize your community forum. With just a few minutes of installation and inte
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About Up PeerBoard Forum and Community


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123FlashChat supports high load of 5000 connections per server. It enables users to login with their Facebook , Twitter , Yahoo or Google accounts with linking and sharing abilities. It is the fundamental for virtual gifts, membership upgrade and PPM/PPV room which will boost revenue from your chat. High-quality video and audio communication will make a more enjoyable and impressive chat experience. It allows video publishers to become broadcasters, whose video will automatically broadcast for everyone in the current chat room. Users can click the queue for mic button to apply to publish video and admin will authorize the 1st, 2nd and 3rd video. HTML5 Chat Client has significantly improves the performance for 123FlashChat and works beautifully on iPhone, iPad Android Devices and PCs. The mobile apps are for iPhone, iPad and Android , with which the chat users may explore thousands of chat rooms via their mobile devices!

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Built from the perspective of the digital engagement manager. 76engage is a platform for effective digital engagement. It provides all the publishing, management, moderation, analysis, and reporting capabilities that the digital engagement manager could ask for. Frame discussions with clear context and background information. 76engage provides engagement managers with a familiar and intuitive content management backend, making it easy to publish content, images, videos and more. Review, moderate, adjust participation policies and never miss a beat thanks to automated moderation alerts. 76engage makes it easy for moderators to stay on top of discussions without having to stay glued to their computers. Track and analyse engagement. 76engage provides a robust reporting back end allowing analysts to define reporting parameters, download reports for distribution and export data for analysis using their analysis tool of choice.

This project was last updated September 29, 2022 byCloodo

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