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WordPress Tooltips

WordPress Tooltips

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About Up WordPress Tooltips

WordPress Tooltips is a powerful plugin that allows you to add tooltips to your WordPress website. A tooltip is a small box that appears when a user hovers their mouse over an item, providing additional information or context. With WordPress Tooltips, you can add text, images, videos, audio files, social links, and more to tooltip boxes. You can add tooltips to post titles, post content, post excerpts, post tags, WordPress archives, WordPress menu items, galleries, and more.

One of the key features of WordPress Tooltips is its support for glossaries. You can insert the [glossary] shortcode in any page or post to create a glossary. The plugin also supports glossary categories and glossary index pages, making it easy to organize and navigate your glossary terms. Additionally, WordPress Tooltips allows you to customize the style of each tooltip, including font size, font color, background color, border color, and more.

WordPress Tooltips is easy to use and comes with a comprehensive admin panel where you can manage all your tooltips. You can add, edit, and delete tooltips, assign tooltips to categories, and track the number of hits for each tooltip. The plugin also supports multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience. Plus, it is compatible with popular WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, and Visual Composer.

Overall, WordPress Tooltips is a versatile and user-friendly plugin that allows you to enhance your website with interactive tooltips. Whether you want to provide additional information, highlight important details, or create a glossary, WordPress Tooltips has you covered.


  • Add tooltips to your website with text, images, videos, audio, and more
  • Support for glossaries with categories and index pages
  • Customize the style of each tooltip
  • Manage all tooltips in one admin panel
  • Support for multiple langu
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Admin Custom Login

Admin Custom Login is a plugin that allows users to customize the login page of their WordPress admin panel. With this plugin, users can create unique and eye-catching login page designs in just a few minutes. Users have the ability to change the background color and image, login form color, font size, position, add social media icons, and many more features. The plugin also offers features such as Google reCaptcha, the ability to redirect users to a custom URL after login, and an interactive plugin dashboard. The Admin Custom Login plugin comes with a standard version that includes features such as adding a custom logo, background slideshow, social media icons, and a responsive design. Additionally, there is a Pro version available that offers even more customization options and features such as maximum login retry, login with access token, freeze login form on brute force attack, social media login, login restriction by user roles, and many more. With Admin Custom Login, users can easily personalize the login page of their WordPress admin panel to match their brand or website design. The plugin is compatible with major browsers and is fully responsive and optimized. It also supports multilingual translation, allowing users to translate the plugin into their preferred language. Admin Custom Login Standard Features The standard version of Admin Custom Login includes the following features: Add Your Own Custom Logo On Login Form Background Colour Background Image Background Image Slide Show Login Form Position Login Form Colour Login Form Colour Opacity Login Form Font Colour Login Form Font Size Login Form Button Colour Login Form Button Size Login Form Background Google reCaptcha Redirect Users on Custom URL After Login Add Social Media Icons On Login Form Social Media Icon Colour Social Media Icon Size Interactive Plugin Dashboard Customize Login Form Positions Import & Export All Plugin Settings Background Slide Show Social Link Connectivity Slide Show Animation Effect Powerful And Easy Setting Panel Responsive Design Google Font Integrated Unlimited Colour Scheme Admin Custom Login Pro Features The Pro version of Admin Custom Login offers additional features to further customize the login page: Best Admin Page Customizer Max Login Retry Login With Access Token Freeze Login Form On Brute Force Attack Unfreeze Login Form By Admin Social Media Login Login Restriction By User Roles Ban User(s) Login Access Max User Access Management Restrict Unauthorized IP Import Export Settings Login Form Logo Login Form Background Social Media Profile Login Form Design Customization Google Fonts Redirect Users After Login Google reCaptcha Interactive Plugin Dashboard Fast Help & Support Major Browser Compatible Fully Responsive And Optimized Multilingual Translation Ready Admin Custom Login also offers live demos of both the standard and Pro versions, allowing users to see the plugin in action before making a purchase. The Pro version includes additional demos for the admin panel as well. Translations of the plugin are available in multiple languages, contributed by users of the plugin. Users are encouraged to help translate the plugin into more languages and submit their translations to the developers. For support and questions, users can visit the plugin support forum on WordPress.org.

This project was last updated October 21, 2023 byCloodo

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WP Store Locator

The WP Store Locator is a powerful and easy-to-use location management system that allows users to easily find nearby stores. It is a WordPress plugin that provides a customizable map interface with a search feature that allows users to filter the results by radius. The plugin also provides driving directions to the nearest stores and can be customized to display information such as address, phone number, opening hours, and more for each store. The WP Store Locator offers a range of features to enhance the user experience. Users can manage an unlimited number of stores and provide extra details for each store, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and descriptions. The plugin also supports custom map styles, allowing users to create a unique look for their store locator. Additionally, the WP Store Locator includes nine retina-ready marker icons to choose from. The plugin offers flexibility in terms of how the search results are displayed. Users can choose to show the results either underneath the map or next to it. The map can also be customized to show different terrain types, control locations, and default zoom levels. The WP Store Locator supports marker clusters, which help to improve the performance of the map when there are a large number of markers. Developers will appreciate the developer-friendly code of the WP Store Locator. It uses custom post types and includes almost 50 different filters that allow developers to customize the look and feel of the store locator. The plugin also supports multilingual plugins such as WPML and qTranslate X, making it accessible to users in different languages. The WP Store Locator is GDPR compliant and includes the option to load Google Maps only after the user agrees to it. This feature requires the Borlabs Cookie plugin. The plugin also provides documentation to help users get started and troubleshoot any issues they may encounter. There are also customization options and filters available for users who want to modify the plugin to suit their specific needs. In addition to the free version, the WP Store Locator offers several premium add-ons that enhance the functionality of the plugin. These add-ons include the CSV Manager, which allows users to bulk import, export, and update store locations using a CSV file. The Search Widget add-on enables users to search for nearby store locations directly from any widgetized area on their theme. The Statistics add-on provides insights into the locations users are searching for, helping users identify demand for new stores. Finally, the Extenders add-on adds advanced features for power users, such as location-based events and social media information. The WP Store Locator is a comprehensive and user-friendly location management system for WordPress websites. Whether it's for a small business with a few locations or a large enterprise with multiple stores, the WP Store Locator provides the tools and features needed to create an efficient store locator website.

This project was last updated October 22, 2023 byCloodo

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Admin CSS MU

The Admin CSS MU is a simple plugin that allows users to add their custom CSS to style the WordPress Admin interface. It works with both single WordPress installations and WordPress multisites. The latest version of Admin CSS MU, 2.0, includes an Admin interface that can be accessed through the "Appearance" menu in your WordPress dashboard. Once installed, you can navigate to "Appearance" and then "Admin CSS MU" to access the plugin's features. This plugin uses CSSTidy to clean and, if desired, minify the added CSS. The CSS is only minified when it is being used, allowing for easy editing in the editor. The editor always displays the un-minified version of the CSS. It is important to note that if you want to add custom CSS to your Login and Front-end pages in addition to the WordPress Admin, you should use the "Custom Login Admin Front-end CSS" plugin instead. This plugin provides support for customizing the CSS on all three areas of your WordPress site. 4. Project use cases. 1. WordPress users who want to customize the appearance of their WordPress Admin interface. 2. Developers who need to add custom CSS to enhance the user experience in the WordPress Admin. 3. WordPress multisite administrators who want to have consistent custom CSS across all sites within the network. 5. Why: 1. Customize the design of the WordPress Admin interface to match your branding or personal preferences. 2. Improve the user experience by making the interface more intuitive and visually appealing. 3. Maintain consistency across multiple WordPress sites within a network by applying the same custom CSS to all sites. 4. Easily manage and modify the custom CSS through the Admin interface. 6. How: 1. Install and activate the Admin CSS MU plugin through the WordPress dashboard. 2. Navigate to "Appearance" and then "Admin CSS MU" in the WordPress dashboard. 3. Use the plugin's editor to add your custom CSS and apply it to the WordPress Admin interface. 4. Save your changes and see the updated styling in the WordPress Admin. 7. What: 1. Admin CSS MU plugin allows users to add custom CSS to style the WordPress Admin interface. 2. It includes an Admin interface for easy management and editing of the custom CSS. 3. The plugin uses CSSTidy to clean and optionally minify the added CSS. 4. It works with both single WordPress installations and WordPress multisites. 5. If additional customization is needed for the Login and Front-end pages, it is recommended to use the "Custom Login Admin Front-end CSS" plugin instead. 8. Statistics (if available): N/A References: - Admin CSS MU plugin page: [link](https://wordpress.org/plugins/admin-css-mu/) - Custom Login Admin Front-end CSS plugin: [link](https://wordpress.org/plugins/custom-login-admin-front-end-css-with-multisite-support/) - CSSTidy: [link](https://csstidy.sourceforge.net/)

This project was last updated October 24, 2023 byCloodo

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Fullscreen Galleria

Project Profile: Fullscreen Galleria Fullscreen Galleria is a WordPress plugin that provides a clean and immersive fullscreen image gallery experience for websites. It is based on the Galleria JavaScript image gallery framework and offers various features to enhance the visual presentation of images on a website. Fullscreen Galleria is a plugin designed for WordPress websites. It allows users to create beautiful fullscreen galleries to showcase images on their website. The plugin is built on the Galleria JavaScript image gallery framework, ensuring smooth and responsive image loading and display. The plugin offers a clean and minimalistic interface, where only the image and carousel are displayed when the gallery is idle. This ensures that the focus remains on the images and provides a distraction-free viewing experience for the website visitors. Features Clean fullscreen interface: The plugin provides a clean and uncluttered interface that maximizes the visibility of the images. Custom link support for media: Users can add custom links to the media in the gallery. For example, they can link an image to its corresponding Flickr page, allowing visitors to explore further information about the image. GPS coordinates support: If an image has GPS coordinates associated with it, the plugin can display the location of the image on a map. Usage Install the Fullscreen Galleria plugin on your WordPress website. Create a WordPress gallery: Use the WordPress Gallery feature and add images to it as usual. The plugin will automatically handle the images and display them in a fullscreen viewer. Overall, Fullscreen Galleria provides an easy-to-use and visually appealing solution for creating fullscreen galleries in WordPress. It is suitable for photographers, artists, bloggers, and anyone who wants to showcase their images in an immersive and engaging way. If you are looking to enhance the visual presentation of your images on your WordPress website, Fullscreen Galleria is a great option to consider. Its clean interface, custom link support, and GPS coordinates feature make it a versatile plugin for creating stunning fullscreen galleries. For more information and documentation on the Fullscreen Galleria plugin, visit the official website.

This project was last updated October 23, 2023 byCloodo

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