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About Up WP Swiper

WP Swiper Gutenberg Block is a modern, free mobile touch slider plugin for mobile websites, mobile web apps, and mobile native/hybrid apps. It provides hardware accelerated transitions and native behavior, enhancing the user experience. Developed by Digital Apps, it aims to be a versatile tool for creating attractive and interactive sliders.

With WP Swiper, users can easily create and customize mobile sliders by adding images, content, and various overlays. The plugin offers features such as image overlay with adjustable opacity, color overlay with adjustable opacity, image upload for the slider, and adding text or other content to the slider.

In addition to the existing features, Digital Apps plans to add more functionalities in the future. These include control over the height of the slider, animations, and other features from the official Swiper documentation.

The backend user interface of WP Swiper is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even though it may not have the most visually appealing design. The interface is divided into tabs, with each tab controlling a slide. Users can click on a tab to upload an image and customize the slider overlay and color overlay.

WP Swiper is a powerful tool for web designers and developers who want to create engaging mobile sliders. It offers essential Swiper options and promises more features to come. Users can provide feedback and suggestions to the developer through the official website or by contacting Digital Apps directly.

Overall, WP Swiper is a valuable plugin for WordPress users who want to enhance their mobile websites and apps with visually appealing and interactive sliders. Its compatibility with Gutenberg makes it easy to integrate into WordPress websites. Whether you are a designer, developer, or website owner, WP Swiper can be a useful addition to your WordPress toolkit.

**References:** - [WP Swiper Plugin](https://digitalapps.com/
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The Super Progressive Web Apps (PWA) project is a technology that combines the best features of mobile web and mobile apps to create a superior mobile web experience. It allows users to install web apps on their devices and access them from the home screen, similar to native apps. This project aims to provide an easy way to convert WordPress websites into Progressive Web Apps. With Super Progressive Web Apps, users visiting a WordPress website from a supported mobile device will see a notice to "Add To Home Screen" and can install the website as a PWA on their device. The pages visited are stored locally, allowing users to access them even when they're offline. Setting up and configuring SuperPWA is quick and simple, taking less than a minute. The plugin ensures a clean uninstall by removing all created database entries and files. Additionally, it provides support and assistance for users who encounter any issues or have questions regarding their Progressive Web App. For a quick demo of SuperPWA, users can visit the project's official website here. Key Features: - Conversion of WordPress websites into Progressive Web Apps - "Add To Home Screen" notice for mobile users - Offline access to stored pages - Easy setup and configuration - Clean uninstallation process - Support and assistance for users Who Should Use Super Progressive Web Apps? The Super Progressive Web Apps project is ideal for WordPress website owners who want to enhance the mobile user experience and provide app-like features to their visitors. It is particularly beneficial for businesses, bloggers, and content creators who want to engage and retain their mobile audience. Why Should You Use Super Progressive Web Apps? Super Progressive Web Apps offers several advantages for both website owners and users: - Improved performance and loading times - Increased user engagement and retention - Offline access to content - Enhanced mobile user experience - Easy conversion from WordPress to PWA How Does Super Progressive Web Apps Work? The Super Progressive Web Apps project works as a WordPress plugin. Once installed, it adds the necessary functionality to transform a WordPress website into a Progressive Web App. It provides users with the option to install the website on their home screen, enables offline access to stored pages, and ensures a seamless app-like experience. Project URL: - Super Progressive Web Apps Official Website Project Category: - PHP - Plugin - Free - Web - WordPress - Mobile Apps - Web Apps

This project was last updated November 21, 2023 byCloodo

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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are user experiences that have the reach of the web, and are designed to be reliable, fast, and engaging. They load instantly, respond quickly to user interactions, and offer an immersive user experience. This new level of quality allows Progressive Web Apps to earn a place on the user’s home screen. PWA is an innovative technology that combines the best of web and native app experiences. It leverages modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to users, without the need for a traditional app store installation. With PWA, businesses can offer a seamless, fast, and intuitive user experience across multiple devices and platforms. The PWA project focuses on implementing the necessary technologies to enable PWA functionality on WordPress websites. Key technologies required for PWA include Service Workers, Web App Manifest, and HTTPS. By integrating these technologies into WordPress, the PWA project aims to provide a solid foundation for developers to build Progressive Web Apps. One of the main goals of the PWA project is to provide a standardized approach for implementing PWA functionality in WordPress, without conflicting with existing plugins and themes that already provide similar features. By consolidating the implementation and coordination of PWA building blocks, the PWA project ensures compatibility and avoids duplication of effort. The PWA project also aims to simplify the development of PWA features in plugins and themes. Instead of each plugin or theme creating its own service worker, developers can leverage the core PWA plugin or use it as a fallback option when the PWA plugin is not available. This reduces complexity and ensures that only one service worker is active at a time, avoiding conflicts. In addition, the PWA project introduces caching strategies to enhance the offline browsing experience. By registering a network-first caching strategy, the PWA plugin ensures that previously-accessed pages are loaded from cache, reducing reliance on the server and providing a smoother offline experience. Assets from themes, plugins, and WordPress core are also cached using this strategy. The PWA project is continuously developed and improved, with regular updates and enhancements. It is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing developers to adapt it to their specific needs. By providing a strong foundation for PWA functionality, the PWA project empowers WordPress websites to deliver a superior user experience and compete with native apps. To learn more about Progressive Web Apps, visit the Progressive Web Apps page on Google's web development documentation. Statistics As of [date], the PWA plugin has [number of downloads] downloads on the WordPress plugin repository, with an average rating of [rating]. The plugin is actively installed on [number of active installations] WordPress websites, demonstrating its popularity and usage by the WordPress community. Key features of the PWA plugin include: [Feature 1] [Feature 2] [Feature 3] The PWA plugin is compatible with major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. It supports WordPress versions [supported versions]. Developers can contribute to the project on the official GitHub repository, where they can report issues, suggest improvements, and submit pull requests. Whether you're a developer looking to enhance your WordPress website with Progressive Web App functionality, or a business owner aiming to deliver a superior user experience to your audience, the PWA project is a valuable resource and tool to achieve your goals.

This project was last updated November 16, 2023 byCloodo

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The PWA+AMP plugin is designed to convert WordPress into Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) styles. This plugin allows users to enhance their WordPress websites by making them more mobile-friendly and providing a better user experience. Highlight One important highlight of this plugin is that it requires the use of HTTPS. This means that users need to update their servers to support SSL/HTTPS in order to use the PWA+AMP plugin effectively. Open Issue Currently, there are no known open issues with the PWA+AMP plugin. Demo https://apparel.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://boat-rental.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://book-shop.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://digital-store.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://electronics-shop.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://jewellery-shop-2.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://perfume-shop.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://pet-shop.flexplat.com/?pwamp https://shop.flexplat.com/?pwamp Download Github: https://github.com/rickey29/pwamp-wordpress WordPress Plugins Libraries: https://wordpress.org/plugins/pwamp/ Configuration Currently, there is no specific configuration required for the PWA+AMP plugin. Support If you need support for the PWA+AMP plugin, you can contact the author, Rickey Gu, through the following channels: Website: https://flexplat.com Email: [email protected] Twitter: @rickey29 With the PWA+AMP plugin, WordPress users can upgrade their websites to have the latest mobile technologies, providing a seamless experience for their users on both desktop and mobile devices. By implementing Progressive Web App techniques and Accelerated Mobile Pages, WordPress websites can achieve better performance, faster load times, and enhanced user engagement. Whether you run a blog, e-commerce store, or any other type of website, the PWA+AMP plugin can help you optimize your website for mobile users and future-proof your online presence.

This project was last updated November 16, 2023 byCloodo

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Stephino RPG (Game)

Stephino RPG (Game) Stephino RPG is a browser-based multiplayer strategy role-playing game that allows players to create and expand their own empire. The game is set in a fictional world where players can form cities, engage in battles, and complete research activities to uncover the history of their species. The main goal of the game is to strategically manage resources, build structures, and interact with other players to become the dominant force in the game world. One unique feature of Stephino RPG is the ability for players to create their own platformer mini-games within the game. Players can design their own levels and challenges, and other players can play these games to earn rewards. Features Create and expand your own empire Engage in battles with other players Complete research activities to uncover the history of your species Create platformer mini-games and play games created by others Real-time support and feedback available Play against AI-controlled robots Choose your preferred language Available as a WordPress plugin Optimized CPU usage for seamless gameplay Demo and Support Stephino RPG can be accessed through a demo available on the official website. Users can log in with their Google or Twitter account to begin playing the game. Real-time support and feedback are available on the Discord platform. Demo Link: https://stephino.com Support: https://discord.gg/32gFsSm Artificial Intelligence In Stephino RPG, players have the option to play against AI-controlled robots. These robots can perform various tasks, such as creating buildings according to the Building Advisor, assigning workers to buildings, upgrading existing buildings, and conducting research activities. The robots can also engage in military activities, including queuing military units and ships and attacking other players strategically. Internationalization The game supports multiple languages, allowing players to choose their preferred language for the game interface and system messages. The language settings can be changed at any time, and the inbox messages will be automatically translated to the selected language. WordPress Multi-site Ready Stephino RPG is compatible with WordPress's multi-site feature, allowing users to enable the game on their entire network. Different game instances can be created on each sub-site, providing a unique gaming experience for each "realm". Platformers In addition to the role-playing aspects of the game, players can also design their own platformer mini-levels within Stephino RPG. These levels can include various obstacles, enemies, and challenges. Other players can play these mini-levels and earn rewards, fostering creativity and engagement within the community. Progressive Web Application Stephino RPG is designed to be a progressive web application, allowing players to access the game on any mobile device in landscape mode or on the desktop. The game utilizes offline mode and file requests to provide a native application-like experience for players. Optimized CPU Usage To ensure a seamless and real-time gameplay experience, Stephino RPG optimizes CPU usage by computing resource and queue changes, convoy updates, and robot actions on-demand with time-lapse procedures. The game also utilizes optimized database interactions, minimizing select queries and utilizing multi-insert and multi-update queries to enhance performance. Stephino RPG is a comprehensive multiplayer strategy role-playing game that offers a variety of features, including empire building, battles, research activities, and platformer mini-games. With its AI-controlled robots, internationalization options, compatibility with WordPress multi-site, and progressive web application functionality, Stephino RPG provides players with a rich and immersive gaming experience.

This project was last updated November 21, 2023 byCloodo

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